1. Jekyll & Hyde by Five Finger Death Punch

One of the singles I’ve liked best out of the rock scene this year is “Jekyll & Hyde” by Five Finger Death Punch. The lyrics are a commentary on that internal rage and madness that brings to mind “Animal I’ve Become” by Three Days Grace or “Sweating Bullets” by Megadeth, but in the almost-caveman way that Five Finger Death Punch prefers, roaring and simple. Which works well with the subject matter — “I’m just trying to live my life, but with all this rage inside… I feel like Jekyll & Hyde. And usually more Hyde than otherwise. RAH!” If you’re not the type to think too much on your lyrics, there’s still a really sweet guitar solo for those air guitarists, and the repeated “Oh-ee-oh-ee-oh” hits that pattern of echoed sing-along that will make it an instantly recognized favorite, long before you appreciate the concept behind it. The music video of incongruous destruction in every day life is just icing on the cake.

2. The Siren by Thirteen

Imagine constructing a Frankenstein monster with the body parts of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Guns n’ Roses then feed it steroids and you would have the sound of this band.  The vocals and lyrics are incredible and the guitar riffs and solos kill.  2015 has seen a need for hard rock bands that echo the likes of Black Sabbath & Guns n’ Roses to show rock fans that rock n roll is not dead these guys bring it.  As soon as you hear one of Thirteen’s songs you get pulled in by Black Sabbath like guitar riffs guitar solos reminesent to Slash or Zakk Wylde.  The vocals…..OMG the vocals have a flavor of Chris Cornell meets Ozzy Osbourne with that edgy sludge vibe. Your body rattles to the bass playing that can only match the likes of Geezer Butler or Alice n Chain’s Mike Inez.  Last but definitely not least is the drum playing that gives you the feeling you had when you first heard Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher or Pantera’s Vinnie Paul play Cowboys From Hell.   The band is a total game changer for a true rock fan.  Listen to Thirteen – iTunes

3. Throne by Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon have debuted yet another track from their forthcoming album, That’s The Spirit, which hits stores this Friday, Sept. 11. Last night, BBC Radio 1 host Annie Mac premiered the new track, titled “Avalanche.” “Avalanche” serves as the fourth track BMTH released from the album after “Happy Song”, “That’s The Spirit” and “‘Throne.” Listen to “Avalanche” below. The band started teasing the album in late June when the band started promoting images of a symbol of an umbrella, all in the form of tattoos, stickers and posters posted around England, which would later be revealed as a promotional symbol for the albums first single. The band later released a short video in early July where the words “That’s the spirit” were spoken in reverse. On 13 July, the band announced they had left their previous label Epitaph Records and signed with Columbia.

4. Heavy Is The Head by Zac Brown Band featuring Chris Cornell

The track that arguably dives deepest into hard-rock territory is “Heavy Is the Head,” featuring Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave fame. The song was released in early March as the album’s second single — but to rock radio, rather than country. (The song’s release came the same week Cornell and Zac Brown Band performed it on Saturday Night Live.) Jekyll + Hyde’s first single, “Homegrown,” would hit Number One on the country charts just a few weeks later. And when “Heavy Is the Head” followed suit this week over on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Songs chart, Zac Brown Band became only the second act in the publication’s history to top both that rock radio-based chart and its Country Airplay chart, which the group has done with 11 songs.

5. Separation Anxiety by Faith No More

As more and more footage leaks out from these Faith No More gigs, my anticipation levels are sky rocketing to see these guys live again, especially seeing as they are playing a lot of new songs. A few days ago, we posted video footage of the band playing “Sol Inviticus” and “From The Dead” and today we have two more new songs for you. The early standout “Separation Anxiety” and a later cut “Black Friday.” I’ve been listening to the album for about two weeks now and I can honestly say it will make my top 3 at the end of the year.

6. Grand Canyon by Puscifer

While Tool continue to drag out the suspense surrounding the long-overdue follow-up to 2006’s 10,000 Days – and to prank the exasperated fans awaiting it – the band’s ever-prolific singer Maynard James Keenan has another record in the pipeline from his electro-rock project Puscifer. The group will release its third album, Money Shot, on October 30th, and has offered the first sights and sounds from the new LP with the video for “Grand Canyon,” which can be viewed above.

7. High Country by The Sword

The Sword have heretofore never presented themselves as a particularly divisive band. One of their greatest charms is that – aside from a cosmetic change here and there – you largely know what you’re going to get out of a Sword album going in: charging, bluesy doom with a strong Sabbath influence, with maybe the occasional space rock or psych influence thrown in. Well, for once the band seem to have decided their fans have gotten a little too complacent – or that the band themselves have merely become too predictable – and with new effort High Country they aim to shake up those expectations.

8. Sympathy For The Devil by Motorhead

Hard rock icons Mötorhead will deliver their 22nd album, Bad Magic, this Friday, August 28th. Ahead of the release, they’ve shared a total of five new songs via The Guardian, including a cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy for the Devil”, which serves as the album’s closing track. Much like when Lemmy and the boys covered “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”, the trio doesn’t exactly turn the song on its head. Instead, they keep things incredibly reverential, maintaining the “woo woo” background vocals and the hip-twisting rhythm structure. Of course, they add their own heavy touch, upping everything to 11 to give it a more booming air. Pass Mick Jagger’s lyrics through Lemmy’s gravely, vodka-soaked vocal chords, and it all serves to amplify the menacing quality you’d expect in a Devil’s song.

9. The Villain by Poynte

Poynte is a group based in Atlanta, GA, comprised of sincere musicians that still take pride in lyrical content and musical movement. With every single note planned to support the emotion of the song, the band delivers on their uncompromising vision. From the syncopated drum and bass lines, to the layers of guitars that support the vocal melodies, Poynte is a well-oiled emotion machine that leaves audiences of all ages captivated and wanting more. The band’s vision has always been clear, and that is to write heartfelt music while retaining their commercial viability. Through a relentless and sometimes tumultuous pursuit, the solidified lineup has finally been carved into stone. These five musicians have completely embraced that shared vision, and the musicianship to make Poynte complete is now in place. This incarnation is what Poynte has needed to be to take the band to the next level.

10. I Feel Love by The Dead Weather

The Dead Weather have dropped a live performance video for “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles),” the opening track and first single off the band’s upcoming LP Dodge and Burn. In the black-and-white video, Alison Mosshart, Jack White and company perform their new track at Third Man Records surrounded by draped statues that come alive during the raucous performance.

11. Chlorine & Wine by Baroness

Baroness’ last album Yellow & Green came out in July 2012. A month later, while on tour in England, the band was involved in a bus accident that left nine people injured. But by summer 2013, they were back on the road. Now, the band has announced a new album. Purple is out December 18 via the band’s newly formed label Abraxan Hymns. The album was produced by Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Sleater-Kinney). Watch an animated clip for the track “Chlorine & Wine” below. The image above is just one quadrant of the full album cover art, which will be revealed later.

12. West Coast by Fidlar

After jacking up our enthusiasm for sophomore album Too with “40 Oz. On Repeat” and its hilarious video, SoCal garage-pop all-stars FIDLAR have shared their second new track of 2015. The aptly named “West Coast,” which premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC1 radio show today, is not a Lana Del Rey cover. Actually, it’s the most Titus Andronicus-reminiscent song in FIDLAR’s oeuvre, especially when the bridge kicks in. The real selling point, though, is the snotty sing-along melody that functions as the song’s wordless chorus. Jump into it below, where you’ll also hear an interview about the band’s plans for Reading and Leeds festivals, the “40 Oz. On Repeat” video, and their upcoming “West Coast” video.

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