February 2016

black sabbath

10. Electric Funeral
The track begins with Iommi’s ominous guitar work, setting up Ozzy’s doom-filled prophecy that tells of a “dying world of radiation, victims of mad frustration.”

9. Tomorrow’s Dream
But if you really want me to answer. I can only let you know when I’m dead

8. Symptom of the Universe
Largely by guitarist Tony Iommi with lyrics by Geezer Butler. The song’s closing passage, very disparate from the rest of the song, evolved from an in-studio jam. It was created very spontaneously in a single day and the decision was made to incorporate it into the song.

7. Heaven and Hell
Ironically, Dio was first introduced to Iommi in 1979 by Sharon Arden, who would later marry the band’s then-recently fired vocalist Osbourne.

6. War Pigs
The original title of “War Pigs” was “Walpurgis”, dealing with the witches’ sabbath. “Walpurgis is sort of like Christmas for Satanists. And to me, war was the big Satan”, said bassist and lyricist Geezer Butler.

5. N.I.B.
In a 1992 interview, Geezer Butler states that the title simply refers to Bill Ward’s goatee at the time, which the rest of the band thought was shaped like a pen nib; also referred to as nibby.

4. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
The main riff in the song has been recognized as “the riff that saved Black Sabbath” because Tony Iommi, who wrote most of the band’s music, was suffering from writer’s block at the time. They resorted to drastic measures (including renting out the supposedly haunted Clearwell Castle to live in) to inspire him.

3. Children of the Grave
One feature lost on CD, is that on vinyl the track was the last on the side, and continually looped a whispered “Children of the Grave”. This looped part has an individual, yet rarely used name of ‘The Haunting’.

2. Iron Man
“Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind?” – most of us can recite this all-time classic metal anthem word-for-word. And we all know that riff that made Iommi a guitar god.

1. Black Sabbath
The holy metal anthem that started it all. This is the track that opened the doors to the church of heavy metal as we still know it today. That ominous riff, combined with Ozzy’s wavering vocals, still send chills down our bodies… Undoubtedly still one of the heaviest songs produced by Sabbath.



Ace Frehley


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